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Identifying risk factors of early recurrence in patients with CRLM undergoing ALPPS

Michael Linecker, Roberto Hernandez-Alejandro, Luis Ruffolo, Henrik Petrowsky
Department / Institution: 
University Hospital Zurich, Swiss HPB Center, Switzerland; University of Rochester, Division of Transplantation, Hepatobiliary Surgery, USA
Date Project Approved: 
Tuesday, 27 June, 2017
Project Status: 
Colorectal liver metastases (CRLM) have been repeatedly shown to be the most favorable indication for ALPPS in terms of safety. However, data on tumor behavior following resection is controversial, and solid data to assess tumor phenotype in patients with CRLM following ALPPS is largely lacking.
The aim of this study is to identify risk factors for early recurrence (i.e. 1 year after stage 2) in patients with CRLM undergoing ALPPS. In particular, potential influential factors like non- or partial response to neoadjuvant chemotherapy, surgical complications etc. will be analyzed. Timing and pattern of recurrence will be of major interest as the modality of recurrent tumor control will be dictated by the location and extent of recurrence.
The international ALPPS registry will be used as basis for this analysis. Only high volume ALPPS centers with an experience of ≥10 cases over a period of ≥3 years will be included in the study. In addition, ALPPS centers fulfilling these criteria, but that are not presently in the ALPPS registry will be contacted in the hopes that these centers include their data.


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