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Outcomes of ALPPS as a Salvage Procedure

Marcelo Enne
Department / Institution: 
Federel University of Rio de Janeiro
Date Project Approved: 
Thursday, 12 June, 2014
Project Status: 
Application / Abstract: 
ALPPS was initially described, and gained acceptance, for patients with bilateral disease who needed multiple nodes resection in a two-stage hepatectomy fashion. Despite its adoption by many surgeons worldwide, the ALPPS concept still raises discussions, awareness and discourage by some authors. PPVE (percutaneous portal vein embolization) failure is a scenario where ALPPS technique is a compelling indication, as the patient already lost four weeks waiting for a volume gain that did not occur. Our team performed five ALPPS procedures, two of them as “rescue” procedure after unsuccessful PPVE. Both underwent well and were discharged without major postoperative complications.
We would like to analyze at the ALPPS registry data, the biometric changes of liver volume and postoperative outcomes of this subset of patients. As a new surgical procedure, a rigid patient selection and judicious timely indication must be a matter of great endeavor to surgical community and the registry may help to refine this.
Message from Erik Schadde: Marcelo is currently sending out e-mails to confirm from each center the exact numbers of salvage procedures performed since we suspect that not all salvage procedures were marked as such since there is no "CHECK-BOX" for "SALVAGE" available in the registry. Please cooperate with him and answer his e-mails so we can improve the data situation in the registry and finish this project! (Erik Schadde, July 27th 2014).


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