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Impact of Histologic Changes on Outcomes in ALPPS

Jihong Dong, Junxiang Tong
Department / Institution: 
Bejing, China
Date Project Approved: 
Monday, 28 July, 2014
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Application / Abstract: 
It is believed that the capacity of liver regeneration is impaired in the setting of variant parenchymal pathologies(cirrhosis, steatosis, jaundice, viral hepatitis, chemotherapy associated liver damage, et al.). However, we have performed ALPPS successfully in a patient with steatosis and HBV-associated cirrhosis. 64% of volume regeneration has been shown after 7 days of interval, and the stage II procedure was performed safely on POD 8. Some experts also agree that under mildly impaired liver parenchyma, the regeneration capacity is acceptable to achieve a satisfied result for PVE, PVL and also ALPPS.
So, we are interested to stratify the regeneration capacity in different types and degrees of underlying liver disease and further analyze their relationship with perioperative liver functional parameters and postoperative morbidities, using current data in ALPPS registry. This study is valuable to select proper candidates for ALPPS, and thus enhance the safety of this procedure.


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