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Minimal Invasive Surgery Approach for ALPPS

Emilio Vicente, Yolanda Quijano, Benedetto Ielpo
Department / Institution: 
Hospital Universitario Madrid Sanchinarro, Spain
Date Project Approved: 
Thursday, 12 June, 2014
Project Status: 
Application / Abstract: 
Associating Liver Partition Portal vein ligation Staged (ALPPS) has been claimed to enhance the hypetrophy of future liver remnant (FLR) in a shorter period of time compared to the traditional two stage hepatectomy. However, its real role and the main operative outcomes are under investigation by a multicenter study currently in process . Minimally invasive surgery (MIS) approach (laparoscopic or robotic surgery) may improve the post operative outcome of ALPPS procedure and reduce the adherences after the first stage of this technique. Infact, one of the major problems of ALPPS technique is the hard and multiples adherences founded in the second stage. In the current literature there is only one case report of ALPPS procedure performed by a laparoscopic approach, where Machado et al. describes a reduced number of adherences, Thus making the second stage easier and faster. However, in the ALPPS registry study there are more cases of ALPPS procedures performed by MIV approach and one of them totally robotic.
The aim of our research proposal manuscript is to provide and analize the main outcomes, effficacy, safety and oncologicas results of ALPPS procedure performed by MIS approach included in the International registry and to describe the potential benefits of this technique. We think that this analysis may help us to better define which patients could be the best candidates to the ALPPS procedure.


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