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Postoperative Abdominal Complications and Method of Raw Surface Covering After ALPPS Procedure. Does Good Cover Means Good Recover?

Marcelo Enne
Department / Institution: 
Ipanema Federal Hospital - UNESA University
Date Project Approved: 
Friday, 29 August, 2014
Project Status: 
Submitted, awaiting approval
Application / Abstract: 
ALPPS was initially described as a “new in-situ-split”, tactical for rapid hypertrophy especially for patients with bilateral disease and insufficient future liver remnant. Despite its adoption by many surgeons worldwide, the ALPPS concept still raises discussions, awareness and discourage by some authors due to high complications rates. Since the first report, one of the majors concerns is how to avoid adhesions and biliary leak from two resection areas, especially during the waiting interval between the two steps. Several options have been described to deal and theoretically avoid such complications, ranging from “No Coverage” to Bioactive Sealants, Plastic Sheet or Plastic Bag.
We would like to analyze at the ALPPS registry data the coverage method of resection surfaces and the incidence of abdominal/local complications, according to Clavien’s Dindo Classification. As a new complex surgical procedure some concepts and technical aspects are a matter of debate and the ALPPS registry may help to refine this.


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