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Patient Blood (Product) Management in ALPPS

Andreas Schnitzbauer and Massimo Malago
Department / Institution: 
Frankfurt University Hospital, Goethe-University Frankfurt, Department of General and Visceral Surgery, Frankfurt/Main, Germany; University College London, Royal Free Hospitals, Department of HPB- and Liver Transplantation Surgery, London, United Kingdom
Date Project Approved: 
Monday, 18 May, 2015
Project Status: 
The first analysis of the ALPPS registry data identified the application of blood products as one of the major risk factors for severe morbidity Dindo-Clavien>IIIa. To date, basic hematology, coagulation status and the application of blood products during first and second stage of ALPPS have not been studied.
To study patient blood (product) management in ALPPS.
Analysis of the database with regards to basic hematology, coagulation status and factors that may influence liver function (CTx, cholestasis, NASH etc.), descriptive analysis of blood products and the influence of their application on morbidity and mortality both after stage I and II ALPPS. Uni- and multivariate analysis, 90-day mortality, ROC-analysis, overall-survival and disease-free survival.The analysis of hematologic baseline data and intraoperative data with their influence on post-procedural outcome may be a critical and valuable mosaic stone in improving morbidity and mortality in ALPPS.


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