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Influence of Histological situation of the liver before Stage 1 and 2 with liver regeneration and with the presence of acute liver failure

Ricardo Robles, Roberto Brusadín, Victor López
Department / Institution: 
Virgen de la Arrixaca Clinic and University Hospital
Date Project Approved: 
Tuesday, 11 September, 2018
Project Status: 
The regeneration capacity of the liver is related to several factors. Regarding liver histology before the first intervention, it is considered that patients with fibrosis have worse regeneration and that it is related to the degree of fibrosis. There are discrepancies regarding the regeneration capacity of the liver when it presents fibrosis, cirrhosis, cholestasis, macroesteatosis and alterations related to chemotherapy. There are no data regarding the influence that could have, on the presence of postoperative hepatic insufficiency, histological alterations before the second intervention. In our Unit, we always performed an intraoperative biopsy during the second intervention in order to study the influence that the histological alterations could have on the appearance of postoperative hepatic insufficiency, the most feared complication of the ALPPS technique.
Thus, we are interested in knowing the capacity of regeneration and risk of IHP after Stage 1 in relation to basal histological anomalies. And above all, to know the histological situation of the liver before the second intervention in relation to the presence of IHP after Stage 2. For this second objective, we will take as a basis for studying the histological alterations (degree of fibrosis, steatosis, cholestasis, histological alterations related to chemotherapy), the histology of the healthy liver referred by the World Registry groups or with the intraoperative biopsies taken during the second intervention, as it is done in our group.


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