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  •  Any request for data analysis of the registry requires an online submission of a short abstract (form available on
    1. Only registered members, who have included at least 5 patients, can submit a request.
    2. The registry administrator will perform a pre-screening of each application in collaboration with the other administrators, if necessary. Then, application will be forwarded to the 10 members of the Scientific Committee. The decision of this board will be communicated to the applicants within 3 weeks after the initial submission. For any question, the email of the administrators is:
    3. After approval, the PI of each application will have to sign a form to commit exclusively to the approved research question. After such commitment, the administrator will provide the entire registry to the prospective PI. If the focus of the analysis changes, it is mandatory for the PI to proceed with another formal enquiry to the administrator. This policy is paramount to prevent duplication of research projects.
    4. If new data is entered from the center of the PI during the analysis, the registry should be updated accordingly.
    5. Publication policy:
      a. Each manuscript/abstract resulting from the registry should be sent to the coordinator prior to submission, and be signed by each author with their respective email address. The paper will be reviewed by at least: one founding member, one member of the scientific committee, and one administrator. The purpose of the review is in no way to assess or rank the quality of the paper, but to secure compliance with the approved research question. It is, however, possible that revision may be requested for a poorly written manuscript. The choice of the targeted journal is the sole responsibility of the PI and his group.

      b. The PI and his group are committed to inform the coordinator about acceptance of any material from the registry.

      c. Authorship:  The 1st and last authorship position should preferentially go to the center of the PI. At least the 4 largest contributing centers in the analyses must be listed as co-authors. They should therefore be involved in the writing of the manuscript and agree with the content. No automatic authorship position will be granted to any funding members, members of the scientific committee or administrators.

             d. Any litigation will be handled by the legal body in the state of Zurich, Switzerland  



    The Founding Members of the ALPPS registry

    PA Clavien,  E de Santibanes, H Lang


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      University Hospital Zurich
      Department of Surgery
      Raemistrasse 100
      8091 Zurich, Switzerland


      Phone: +41 (0)44 255 33 00
      Fax:     +41 (0)44 255 44 49